Project Impact

Here you can find short articles describing the impact and successes of some ECSEL JU funded projects.



A project selected as a success story by the European Commission - DG RTD. An abstract is given below. See their full article here!


A new approach to medical device innovation

The EU, Participating States and industry-funded project has developed a new platform approach to the innovation chain for next-generation medical devices, giving a boost to European manufacturers, in particular SMEs. The project has established a facility that companies can use to manufacture and test prototype micro medical devices, ensuring European leadership in this vital technology-based sector.

INFORMED offers microelectronic and micro-mechanical assembly facilities at Philips Innovation Services in Eindhoven, the Netherlands along with all the medical certification needed to pass into medical trials. Any company with a great idea but no in-house resources can draw on all the expertise of the platform on a normal commercial basis.

Project website



After a successful project review, Semi40, which addresses the digitizing of the semiconductor manufacturing, made a presentation of the first results through an info letter