Previous Calls

This page collects information about past calls for proposals of the ECSEL-JU. A summary of the selected projects from the calls is also given. More details about these projects are available on the relevant project page.


Calls in 2017

ECSEL Joint Undertaking provides financial support mainly in the form of grants to participants following open and competitive calls for proposals. These pages provide information about the Calls for 2017. The Calls for 2017 yielded 12 projects for funding, the details of which will be published in due course.


ECSEL Calls for 2016

In 2016, ECSEL-JU launched two concurrent calls - one for "Research and Innovation Actions" (RIA) and one for "Innovation Actions (IA). They cover all topics described in the Multi-Annual Strategic Plan for 2016, though differ primarily in the Technology readiness Level of the outcome (RIAs being typically at lower maturity levels, while IAs typically deliver close-to-market results) and also possibly in size: IAs typically attract larger project consortia. From the Calls of 2016, the Public Authorities Board selected 8 RIA projects (EuroPAT-MASIP, MICROPRINCE, Productive4.0, R3-PowerUP, SCOTT, TAKEMI5) and 6 IA projects (AutoDrive, TARANTO, SILENSE, WInSiC4AP, I-MECH, CONNECT, AQUAS, MegaMaRt2), for a total cost of more than €670M, about 45% of which is funded by the EU and the Participating States.


Two-phase calls in 2015

In 2015, ECSEL JU launched two calls, similar to those of 2014 but now using the two-phase proposal cycle. From these Calls, the Public Authorities Board was able to select 8 RIA projects (PRIME, REFERENCE, 3DAM, AMASS, ASTONISH, DENSE, SafeCOP and DELPHI4LED) and 5 IA projects (ENABLE-S3, EnSO, IoSense, SemI40 and TAKE5), for a total cost of nearly €600M, roughly half of which is fund by the EU and the Participating States.


The first Calls for Proposals from the newly formed ECSEL JU!

Already within the first few months of its existence, the ECSEL JU was ready to launch its first Calls for Proposals. Due to the short time available, the first Calls used a shortened cycle with only one evaluation phase (Full Project Proposal phase). The Public Authorities Board selected 6 RIA and 6 IA projects: ECSEL-2014-1 (RIA): 3Ccar EXIST MANTIS OSIRIS RobustSENSE SWARMs. ECSEL-2014-2 (IA): ADMONT InForMed PowerBase R2POWER300 SeNaTe WAYTOGO FAST