Let's Shout!

Shout logo 2We often hear from people who are participating in the ECSEL JU programme about how enthusiastic they are about the results. We know that all of our programme participants promote ECSEL Joint Undertaking in many different ways, and we are very grateful for being part of such an amazing community!


To get to know more about all your exciting messages, be they formal papers, published articles, press-releases, newsletters, blogs or Social Media posts, we'd like to hear about them. Please send us links to these pages or posts through this form, so that we can easily share them though our various media channels.

And to say "thank you" for your contribution we can send you this ECSEL-lent and beautiful A1-sized infographic poster, to be able to shout even more! (Just fill in your postal address in the form below, so we know where to send it to.)

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