ECSEL JU Symposium 2020 in Brussels

Save the date for the 4th Symposium of the ECSEL Joint Undertaking, which will be held in Brussels on the 24th June 2020. 

Save the date


Digital Transformation will impact all sectors of our economy, from agriculture to public services, from industry to public administration, and radically change the way we live and work. These changes will be enabled by advances in artificial intelligence (AI), improved cyber security, reinforced connectivity through 5G (and 6G), edge computing, sensors, power management etc., many of which will significantly contribute to the ‘European Green Deal’.

But the EU today is at risk of losing its digital sovereignty, and its capacity to influence global norms and standards. Lately the sense of urgency has increased, but unless quick and more targeted actions are taken the EU may risk losing its global position, to the detriment of future generations. 

The level of investments required in this field is of the order of trillions of Euros, and it keeps growing with each generation of products. Yet it is vital that the EU stays in the game and develops common policies and market strategies to counteract potential technological risks. How to tackle that?

Join the ECSEL JU community for its annual event, taking place at the European Parliament, where we will discuss some of the most urgent issues and try to answer the questions, such as:

  • What are the threats to the EU’s digital sovereignty today that require further analysis, action and regulation at EU level?
  • What strategic global alliances should the EU contemplate?
  • Where does the EU stand vis-à-vis other geographies in terms of (RD&I) investments?
  • Is it only an economic and technological issue, or are our own European values also under attack?

The event will gather key European, National and Regional decision-makers (European Commissioners, Members of the European Parliament and States Representatives), Industry representatives and Research Communities for a full day of sessions focused on Europe's most important challenges and upcoming innovations. 

More information, including a draft agenda and practical details, will be available via the ECSEL JU website soon.